Cyber Insurance Analysis and Terrorism Insurance Analysis

Analysing the availability  and suitability of insurance products in the following areas:

•  Cyber Insurance

•  Terrorism Insurance

•  Cyber Terrorism Insurance

Guidance is provided to clients on the  products available, the typical coverage and common limitations or exclusions covered by the applicable line of insurance products. Businesses can encounter confusion over the term 'cyber' and exactly what type of cyber insurance coverage is needed. Care is taken to explain the different forms of cyber insurance and what is covered by each. 

Product Innovation

Carter Insurance Innovations Limited works with insurers and other business clients to determine the suitability of current insurance product lines. Examination of the risk profile of individual clients is paramount and  recommendations are made for the development of specific and tailored insurance products. Product innovation services include advice on bespoking of insurance policies not just to cover for more obvious losses but also to  to reduce the overall risk profile and promote business continuity.  

Insurance Strategy

Carter Insurance Innovations Limited works with individual clients to establish an insurance strategy that reflects the personal needs of the business.

Operational plans and strategic guidance are developed to assist with implementation and business transformations.



Research, Report Drafting, Training and Educational Seminars

Carter Insurance Innovations Limited provides targeted research, report drafting and educational seminars. The research and educational arm of the company ensures all members of a client's staff are educated on the risks. 

Mitigation procedures are developed to minimise losses from a cyber attack and ensure continuity after a terrorist or cyber event.


Research, training and educational services are designed specifically for an individual client's needs.

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